Super Mom is Retired

God knows we would have less mothers in this world if it required a degree.

I never thought I would be the mother of six. I never contemplated owning an adoption agency, teaching every age from toddler to seniors, or becoming a voice teacher in music. I didn't even think I would know enough about being a mother to write a about it. I only wanted to be a more than a mom when my children were young but I wasn’t sure what that meant. I got it, but I didn’t know.

My first degree started out as a degree in journalism, though it quickly changed to a business degree as I encountered the harassments of well-meaning family who insisted I would hate “working for a newspaper”. I settled on business to make everyone else happy.

My Bachelor is in education and though I am great with kids I never wanted to teach children. I wanted to be a professor (of what I wasn’t sure yet). So I waded through child psychology and curricula management and ignored the job offers in the local daycare.

See, when someone asks you what you want to be when you grow up they are usually talking about the normal things; a doctor, a lawyer, a veterinarian. No one tells you that even when you get a degree in teaching you have to be smart enough at something else to teach about it. (They forget to tell writers that also.)

Leaders neglect to mention that people rarely end up using the degree they get for what the degree was meant to be for. Aunt Jess got her degree in communications but the closest she got to the radio was being a DJ at a wedding. Her real job was arranging for artists to sell their paintings to local, art stores. Dad had his business degree but went into real estate. The neighborhood bully, Phil played golf every weekend because he also played the stocks. His degree was in zoology. Go figure.

So now I’m newly retired. My degree, ironically, never got me a job. It turns out it was my ability to do a little of everything. If I’m honest, being the mother of six children with a diversity of personalities, interests, and friends helped with that more than anything college experience did.

I love the road that my life and degree took me on though. It was spontaneous and interesting but thank heavens it didn’t require me to specialize in it. God knows we would have less mothers in this world if it required a degree and all of the rest was just a by-product of being in the right place and the right time. Which, come to think of it, is how I got to be the mother of six. So there’s that.

Humorist and poet. Author of Laughing at the Storms. Family and Adoption Educator, mom of many and lotsa hobbies. (Tweet @dzthingz)